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Homemade Wrapping Paper

Make your own wrapping paper by buying inexpensive paper used to prepare packages for mailing. It comes in rolls and can be found wherever mailing supplies are sold.

Material Ideas:

Rubber stamps
Sponges dipped in craft paint
Raw potatoes



Decorate the paper with rubber stamps, sponges dipped in craft paints, or raw potatoes cut in half lengthwise and carved into Christmas shapes by imprinting Christmas cookie cutters into them and then slicing away the extra potato around the imprint, similar to the appearance of a rubber stamp. Dip the imprint into craft paint and have fun designing your wrapping paper!

Try a combination of brown wrapping paper and twine in the place of ribbon to give your packages a rustic appeal.

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer, mom, and owner of four home and family web sites.

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