How To Eat Crawfish

Boil or order three to five pounds (per person) of fresh boiled crawfish. You can purchase prepared seasoned mixes for boiling the crawfish with directions, if available in your area.

(Optional) Put on a special bib to protect clothing. (This allows a little more freedom with the crawfish.)

Note: Here in Louisiana we usually add whole potatoes, onions, and corn along with crawfish. We place newspapers and garbage bags on a big table, and once these are all done, we just dump everything on the table, and everyone just serves themselves!

Take a deep breath to enjoy the fullness of the aroma.

Grab the nearest crawfish off the pile.

Hold the crawfish with your left hand and gently twist off the tail.

Take the head and suck the hot, spicy juices out of it.

Squeeze your thumb and forefinger at the sides of the top of the tail, causing the shell to break.

Remove the meat and eat. Go to step 4 and repeat as often as you like.