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Al Copeland's Basic Cajun Jambalaya

Al Copelands Basic Jambalaya Recipe. Rice, seasonings, smoked sausage and more.

This is a basic jambalaya recipe. Rice, seasonings, smoked sausage and more. You can use the following recipe, or change it up to add your choice of meat or seafood.



  1. In large saucepan with lid, melt butter with oil. Add onions and pork and sauté until onions are soft. Add ham, garlic, thyme and parsley and sauté 5 minutes.
  2. Add sausage and cook until browned. Stir in stock and bring to boil. Add rice, bay leaf and cayenne. Return to boil and cover. Simmer over very low heat 30 to 45 minutes, checking after 30 minutes to see if all liquid has been absorbed and rice is tender.
  3. If necessary, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup more water if liquid boils away before rice is cooked.

Serves 8.

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