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Cereal Mix Snack


1/3 c Vegetable oil
1/4 c "table grind" Mrs. Dash-or other no-salt seasoning
1/4 c Sodium-reduced soy sauce
18 c Mixed cereals & pretzels (toasted oats, mini Shredded Wheat, Chex-any variety)
1 1/2 c Dry roasted peanuts



In a small saucepan, combine the oil, Mrs. Dash and soy sauce and heat just until hot.

Combine the cereals and nuts in a large bowl. Pour the hot oil over the mixture, turning with a wooden spoon or spatula to cover evenly.

Divide the mixture between 2 large deep roasting pans and bake for 1 hour, stirring 3 or 4 times during baking.

Remove the pans from the oven, let cool and store in air-tight containers. It will last several weeks.

Makes 20 Cups

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