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Bologna and Cheesewitch


1 lb. Bologna
3/4 lb. Swiss Cheese
1 tb India Relish
4 tb Chopped Onion
1/4 c Prepared Mustard
1/3 c Mayonnaise
6 Whole Hot dog Rolls
6 tb Butter


Using a meat grinder or food processor, grind together the Bologna and Swiss cheese.

Mix into mixture India relish, chopped onion, mustard and mayonnaise. butter inside of each hotdog roll, and stuff the mixture equally into all 6 rolls.

Wrap each roll separately in foil and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before baking.

May also be frozen for later use. Bake foil wrapped rolls at 325 F. for 25 minutes. or until insides are all melted. Defrost before baking.

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