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Cherry Mash Candy

This is a fun recipe to follow for making this candy for Halloween


1 box vanilla frosting mix
1 can Eagle Brand milk
2 sticks oleo, softened
2 tsp. cherry flavoring
2 lbs  powdered sugar
10 oz maraschino cherries
24 oz. chocolate chips
1 LB. raw peanuts
2-3 squares almond bark


Drain juice from cherries and chop fine, mix first 6 ingredients together, it may take more powdered sugar to make the balls. Chill and roll into balls. Put on waxed paper and freeze.

Melt 24 oz. chocolate chips, 1 lb. chopped peanuts and 2-3 squares almond bark. Dip frozen balls into chocolate mixture. Put back on waxed paper and let set out and dry.



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