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Rum Raisin Bread


1 1/2 ts Yeast, active dry
1 tb Dry milk
1 ts Olive oil
1 ts Salt
1 Egg, beaten
1/2 c Raisins, pre-soaked in rum
1/2 c Water
2 c White bread flour
2 tb Heavy cream
2 ts Brown sugar
2 ts Butter
3/4 ts Yeast, fast rise or machine


Rum raisin is another of those versatile breads that can stretch from breakfast to dessert.

Sweeter and richer than our standard raisin bread, Rum Raisin is subtle enough not to be overwhelming while rich enough to stand out.  Serve it with Honey Butter spread for a real treat.

Success Hints: Soak raisins in spicy rum overnight and drain before using. Measure raisins after they have soaked.

For additional rum flavor add 1/4 t rum extract. For a non-alcoholic version, pre-soak the raisins in water and use rum extract.

Use regular or rapid bake cycle. 1 1/2 ts Yeast, active dry - or - 3/4 ts Yeast, fast rise or machine

Yield 1 loaf of Rum Raisin Bread

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