Wild Game Duck Recipes

Wild Duck with Mushrooms, Filet of Duck, Roasted Wild Duck and more.

Baked Duck
Baked Duck with Wine
Cajun Duck Rice and Gravy
Duck With Orange
Parmesan Duck Breast
Fillet Of Duck
Oriental Gingered Duck
Barbecued Duck
Stuffed Wild Duck
Roasted Wild Duck
Wild Duck With Mushrooms
Stewed Wild Goose Or Duck
Duck Wild Rice Casserole
Duck Stew
Duck With Sauerkraut
Roasted Duck Or Goose
Duck Fingers
Quick-Roasted Wild Duck
Duck Italian
Broiled Teal Duck

NOTE about DUCKS: In the fall, ducks usually have fine- flavored meat, and any stuffing can be used with them. At other times of the year, they may be more strongly flavored and are improved by soaking the cleaned birds for 2-3 hours in fairly strong salted water to which 1 tsp. baking soda has been added. If ducks prepared this way are to be kept under refrigeration for a few days, after wiping them dry, put a few slices of onion in the body cavity. This will help remove the excess gamey taste, and the onion is to be discarded before the ducks are cooked.

However, like all game birds, ducks should be allowed to hang at a temperature just above freezing for at least 48 hours before they are cooked. The length of time and temperature at which they are allowed to hang beyond that period will control how "high" or gamey they are allowed to become. This should be determined by personal taste

Wild Game Recipes



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