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Quick and Easy Fried Oysters

These fried oysters are quick and easy. Use oysters, seasoning, dry pancake mix and more.


1 to 2 cups dry pancake mix (any type)
1 pint shucked Maryland Oysters, drained
Fat or oil for frying
Seasoning to taste
Cocktail or tartar sauce


Put pancake mix into large shallow bowl. Add Oysters, a few at a time and toss lightly until well coated. Shake off excess breading in wire basket.

Fry in deep fat at 350 F until golden brown, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Drain on paper towel.

Repeat process until all Oysters are cooked. Salt lightly and serve with cocktail or tartar sauce.

Makes 4 servings, about 8 Oysters each.

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