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Quick and Easy Fried Banana Parcels

Quick and easy, the fried banana parcels are also delicious. Bananas, butter, flour and more.


4 slices Thick white fresh bread
25 g Unsalted butter; (1 oz)
Diced banana
50 g Self raising flour; (2 oz)
25 g Caster sugar; (1 oz)
1 tsp. Allspice
2 tb White rum


Butter the slices of bread and divide the diced banana between the two slices of bread. Place the banana (and other fillings if required) into the center of the slice (a small dome).

Cover with the two remaining slices of buttered bread and cut out, using a circular pastry cutter (the size of a large round ravioli).

Make a batter by mixing the flour and sugar with the rum and water. Heat the oil to 180øC/350øF and place into the hot fat, turning after 1-2 minutes.

Drain on kitchen paper and dust with caster sugar and allspice.

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