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Aunt Mary's Green Chili Stew, Served over Burritos

Easy to make green chili stew, serve it over burritos, and you have a feast!

Green Chili Stew Over Burritos


Garlic salt
Crisco vegetable oil
4 (15-oz) cans Luck's pinto beans
2 (7-oz) cans diced green chilies
2 (4-oz) cans diced jalapeno peppers
2 lbs. pork chops, chopped.



Chop pork into 3/4 inch pieces, or a little smallet, or have them chopped at the store.

In skillet, (Teflon is ok) add small amount of Crisco vegetable oil and give 4-5 shakes of garlic salt. 2-3 shakes of regular salt and pepper, cover, cook slow over low heat. DO NOT BROWN.

In separate large stew or soup pot, empty all 4 cans of peppers.

Remove all small portions of pork from the Luck's beans before adding the beans to the pot with peppers, add 2 shakes of garlic salt. Cook on low heat.

When pork is done, not browned, remove pork from skillet, leaving vegetable oil in skillet, add pork to pot with beans and peppers and 2 shakes of garlic salt.

Turn heat up, (you may want pour off some of the oil, before you add flour) Add 4-5 shakes of garlic salt, 2-3 shakes of salt and pepper, and let brown.

Once the gravy is brown, add about 8 oz cold water.

Stir until gravy is thick, then add to the pot with the pork, beans and peppers.

Mix well, and serve over beef burritos.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Bubba And Earl's Outdoor Grilling



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