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Barb's Meatloaf with Cheese


1 lb. Ground beef
1/2 tb Pepper
3/4 c Cheddar cheese; cubed
1/2 tb Celery seed
1/2 Onion; chopped
1/4 tb Paprika
1/2 Bell pepper; chopped
1/2 c Milk
1 Egg; beaten
1/2 c Bread crumbs; dry
1 tb Salt


Oven temp: 350 degrees.

Mix all ingredients together, place in loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Note: You can form this in a ball and place it on a rack to cook, so that most of the fat drips away from the meat.

This meat loaf makes great sandwiches and is flavorful when cold.

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