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Brandy Peaches Parfait

Made with peaches, brandy, orange sherbet and bitters. Serve in 6 parfait glasses for a wonderful treat.


10 oz. Frozen Peaches OR 1 cup Fresh Peaches; Peeled, Pitted, And Diced
1/2 t Bitters
1/4 c Brandy
1 pint Orange Sherbet


Partly thaw the frozen peaches and cut into small pieces. Soak the pieces overnight in the juice adding the bitters and brandy. Keep fresh peaches immersed or covered to prevent darkening.

Partially thaw the orange sherbet. Mix the sherbet and the peaches. Spoon into parfait glasses and freeze for two to three hours.

NOTE: To serve with Oriental food, mince 1 T crystallized ginger and add to the peaches.

From: The Best Of Friends--Dependable Recipes From The Food Labs Of Emily Griffith Opportunity School Quoted In The Rocky Mountain News Spotlight Food Section 07-10-94.

Serves 6

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