Friday, February 11, 2005

Cooking Recipes Welcomes You!

Cooking Recipes would like to welcome you to one of the best recipe nooks on the internet! We have recipes from around the world posted here! We also have recipe requests and answers.

If you are looking for a certain recipe, or just have a cooking question, please post it right under this message where it says comments. Our helpful members and myself will be happy to try and find it for you. Please, pretty please, give your request or question a title, so we will know what the post is about!

We hope that for the ones that have had trouble with the message board, you will like this much better!

Have some fun, and if you can help someone, that would be great too!

Thanks for joining us,
Peggy and that wacky quacker-Georgette!

The Message Board has many more recipes,funny jokes,cooking stories, cooking tips, and more!

Joe's Crabshack seafood gumbo Recipe Request:
I have tried and tried to get the recipe for Joe's Crabshack "seafood gumbo" to no avail. Am i the only one out here in cyberspace to ask for it? It's the best ever! please help me find it. Thanks ever so much. jana

Posted Monday, February 7, 2005 @ 16:31:00 at the message board by Jana
This is a recipe requested posted by Rhuffman under Request Recipes at the message board,can someone help?

"I'm trying to help my daughter-in-law find a recipe for Cajun Boiled
Peanuts. Can anyone help me with this?"
I am looking for a triple layer cheese cake it has butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate layers it is so delicious

We have posted your request for the cheesecake at our message board which is located here:
Please check back from time to time to see if your question has been answered. You can also sign up for our newsletter where we post the answers as we get them in. You can sign up for the newsletter here:
Thanks and have a great day!
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