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Mock Turtle Soup

This recipe is Mark Burress and Rhonda Dill's version of Mock Turtle Soup, adapted from Justin Wilson's recipe.

Recipe Ingredients:


  1. Season Meats with Tony Chacheres.
  2. Place chicken in pressure cooker and process till it fall off the bone. Set aside to cool.
  3. Add beef broth or stock, and chopped vegetables
  4. Simmer till done, then add roux and some white wine if desired
  5. Brown all other meats in olive oil.
  6. Add to stock mix.
  7. Add chopped eggs, and chicken meat
  8. Simmer to until flavors are blended.

Note: Mark and Rhonda used a pressure cooker to cook the chicken, and stored the rest for leftovers. You can use leftover chicken or cook chicken in the way you prefer.

Recipe courtesy of Mark Burress and Rhonda Dills

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