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Cajun Crawfish Jumble



  1. Melt the butter in a heavy, 2-quart or better covered pot or kettle.
  2. Chop the onion and bell peppers coarsely (about 1-inch pieces) and sauté carefully along with the mushroom slices just until the onions turn clear. Don't let the butter turn brown.
  3. Add the garlic. Then add the crawfish meat and stir. (If you can't find frozen crawfish meat where you live, you can substitute cooked, peeled, frozen shrimp instead. Crawfish tails are about an inch long, so, you don't need the large sized shrimp.)
  4. Allow this mixture to get hot, then stir in just half the can of Cream of Shrimp soup, adding more as needed to maintain a nice, thick consistency.
  5. Serve over rice, and garnish with a whole cooked crawfish is desired.

Okra is a great vegetable to serve with this along with cornbread,  hushpuppies or johnnycakes.

This recipe serves 4 to 6 people

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