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Crawfish Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

If you love stuffed jalapenos, then you are going to drool over these awesome peppers with crawfish tails added! Although this recipe doesn't call for it, you can always wrap bacon around them also!



  1. Pat crawfish tailmeat dry with paper towels and chop.
  2. Beat cream cheese until fluffy. Stir in crawfish, onion, Worcestershire, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cover and chill.
  3. Rinse whole peppers and remove stem ends. Cut whole peppers in half lengthwise and remove seeds. (Wear rubber gloves when working with peppers).
  4. Stuff pepper haves with crawfish mixture and garnish with additional pepper slices. For added zip, sprinkle with Cajun/ Creole seasoning before garnishing.

Makes about 30 appetizers.

Recipe courtesy of Leslie Davis and the Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board. Used with permission.

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