Appetizer and Dip Recipes

Stuck for ideas for appetizer and dip recipes? We have many recipes for making appetizers and dips here

Almond Mushroom Pate
Almond Puff
Almond Stuffed Dates with Bacon
Anchovy Olive Dip
Angels on Horseback
Angel of Death Cheese Spread
Cheese Ball
Crawfish Dip
Artichoke Squares
Artichoke Squares 2
Artichoke Dip
Artichoke Spinach Dip
Artichoke Bottoms with Bay Scallops
Artichoke Chili Dip
Asparagus and Crabmeat Salad
Asparagus Roll Ups
Avocado and Raisin Dip
Avocado-Tofu-Egg Dip
Aztec Pyramid Avocado Dip
Baby Pear Tomatoes and Brie
Baby Shrimp and Tarragon Mustard
Bacon and Smoked Oysters
Bacon and Cheese Eggs
Bacon Artichoke Bundles
Bacon Horseradish Dip
Bacon Olive Hot
Bacon Roll Ups
Bacon-Flavored Dip Mix
Baked Cheddar Olives
Baked Potato Chips
Baked Potato Spears
Baked Spinach
Baked Sweet Red Yellow Pepper Wedges
Baked Vegetable and Seafood Won Tons
Banana Curry Dip
Bar Cheeze a la Win Shooter's
Barbecue Bits
Barbecued Garlic
Barbecued Spareribs
Basic Crepe Recipe
Basic Fish Mousse
Basic Fondue (Fondue Neuchateloise)
Basic Salsa
Bay Scallop Seviche
Beacon Hill Clam Dip
Bean Dip a la Dr. Pepper
Bean Dip
Beaver Tails
Beef Cheese Ball
Beef Jerky
Beef Sausage
Beef Yakitori
Beer Batter Fried Veggies 'n' Things
Beggars' Purses
Black Bean Dip
Black Olives with Tomatoes and Capers
Blini with Three Caviars
Blue Cheese Dip
Blue Cheese Walnuts
Blue Cheese Souffle
Chalupa Dip
Bob Hope's Favorite Lemon Pie
Boboli Aka Focaccia Bread
Bourbon Pate
Brandied Cheddar Spread
Brandied Gorgonzola Dip
Brandied Tomato Gravy
Brandy Cheese Ball
Brie En Croate
Broccoli and Blue Cheese in Prepared Puff
Broccoli and Mushroom Dip
Broiled Deviled Tomatoes
Brunch Quiche
Buffalo Chicken Wings W/ Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
Butter Dips
Bye Bye Birdy Curry Dip
Caesar Mayo Dip
Cajun Style Chicken Nuggets
Calavo Guacamole Dip
Candied Pecans
Caramel Fondue
Caramelized Onion Dip
Caribbean Guacamole
Castle Nacho Grande
Catalan Saute of Calamari (Squid) in Onion Marmalade
Catfish and Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms
Caviar Kisses
Caviar Mousse
Caviar, Dill and Purple Onion Dip
Cayenne Mayonnaise Dip
Cayenne Pepper Wafers
Cereal Crunch



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