Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are hot dogs bad for your health?

Hot dogs, are they bad for your health?

Hot dogs are great on the grill, with chili and onions, and ketchup, and mustard, and most anything you want to throw on them! But are hot dogs bad for your health? Seems like most everything you eat nowdays is bad for you, or most any food that tastes good anyway!

There is so much controversy on the hot dog, if they are bad or good for you, that I would love to hear your opinons.

I don't know about y'all, but, no microwave for me when it comes to my hot dogs! If they aren't grilled, then I have to boil them on the stove, until they are nice, and plump, and hot! But, what's up with that anyway? They don't plump up near as much as they used to, don't have the same taste either. All this chicken and pork and turkey, instead of the way they used to be. Wonder what they used to make them out of?

I'm sure the way I fix mine are for sure not healthy. I put mayonnaisse, mustard, ketchup, onions, chili and cheese on mine. I can almost hear some of you groaning at that! But I bet there are some folks out there that like their dogs this way too!

What is your favorite type of hot dog? What kind stuff do you put on yours? I would really love to know what your favorite way to eat your hot dog is! So, come on folks, share your favorite hot dog recipe with us!

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Ooooooooooooh, Peggy, my favorite topic!! I want an all beef frank (don't know if I can say wiener on here) lol, mustard dripping, red onion chopped so fine 'ya might call it minced (that way 'ya get all the flavor from the juice), very finely grated extra sharp cheese piled high, and a beer in a mug so cold, your fingers are numb after the first gulp!!
Wooho! Txchef! That sounds like my kind of hot dog, and of course the cold beer!

Thanks for you post, NOW, I'm hungry!
Peggy, add a little cajun flavor to that dog. I like mine boiled and I boil them in water with crab boil. You would amazed at how good it tastes. You know with crab boil, it just takes a little, then add the other stuff and, sha c'est bon!
Thanks Albert! That sounds yummy!! about how much crab boil?
Hmm!I know hotdog is bad for our health but eating it once awhile is ok..I guess!!I boiled mine too because i found some hotdogs are too salty and after boiling it I saute it in a pan.I like chicken hotdog with mayo,ketchup and mustard.As simple as that..yum!
I usually put one tablespoon of liquid crab boil in the pot when boiling one pack of 8 hot dogs. Comes out tasting really great!!
Thanks for your comment, that may help someone make it all better!
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