Friday, May 02, 2008

Rising Cost of Food And Gas

I know I normally post recipes, but I just had to give my two cents worth on the rising cost of gas and food.

With gas prices rising, so are our food costs. It is getting to where people are having to choose between putting gas in their car, or eating. That is really sad, and something really needs to be done soon.

Imagine a single parent raising children on their own. Some only make minimum wage, have to pay a baby sitter, put gas in their car to get to work, and put food on the table. For many that is becoming a overwhelming task. Also anyone living on a low fixed income.

I think we are going to start seeing a lot more gas theft, people standing in front of gas stations asking for gas or money, more people turning to food stamps, and welfare, because they just can't make it on what they recieve monthly. There is just too much month at the end of the money for a lot of people. How is the higher price of gas helping anyone?

I would love to hear comments on this issue. You opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Rising food prices are affecting people worldwide. In Sweden there is also a fear that development of biofuels could reduce the production of badly-needed basic foodstuffs. Now millions of vulnerable people depend on food aid for their survival.
Thanks Karin, I appreciate you taking the time to post!

Yes, it is getting worldwide, and it's such a shame that people have to live like this.

Thanks so much for your post.
Now I know that it isn't happening here in the Philippines only.

Price of gas and commodities have soared and would you believe that in a month's time, the price of rice goes up from PhP28.50 to PhP37.50?

This is becoming a world crisis, no doubt about it.
HI The_Sphinx's World,

Thanks for your comment! No, it's not just the Phillipines. and I believe you are right in saying it's worldwide.

Rice sales here at a major store called Sam's has been limited to so many bags of rice per customer. I haven't bought rice since it went up, so I can't say how much different the price is now from what it was.

Thanks again for your comments!
This is a worldwide crisis and everyone suffers. I don't know who's benefiting from this rise. It is absolutely revolting that the price of food and basics like rice is going up when logically there's more than enough if distribution was done properly.
I heard that foodstuffs like corn was made into fuel for machinery and vehicles!

BTW thanks for stopping at my blog.
Hi Lovliebutterfly,

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

I'm sure there is an cheaper alternative than gas as fuel, but doubt they will release it!
The cost of gas is dragging the economy down.This worries me more then anything else because it means that my costs are going to increase and not the the salary.We don't eat out as much now and I shop around for the sale prices on necessities.I think this is one of the way that we can do to survive.:)
Thank you Sweetiepie for posting your comment on this.

That is one of the things that worries me also. The price of food is getting higher, and like you said, in most cases, salaries sure aren't going to increase! Gas prices are affecting a lot more than we realize.
I don't know HOW people with small kids, elderly, regular Joe's living paycheck to paycheck are making it!!
I read that people are now eating unhealthy again because crappy food is cheaper and can be bought in bulk.
When people are buying a gallon of colored sugar water for a dollar instead of a gallon of orange juice to give to their kids, for lack of money cause it's all going in the gas tank, it is time for our leaders to get off their behinds, give up the thousand dollar a head dinners and start putting their political promises where their mouth is!!!!! President Bush said he won't let gas go over $7.00 a gallon... HOW, are people going to afford that when they can't afford what it is now??!!!!
We need to have a total boycott world wide for a few days, and send a message loud and clear!!!!
I for sure agree with you on that! He won't let it go over $7.00 a gallon?? Sheesh! Like you said, how in the world are we going to pay that, when we can't pay what it is now?

That is so sad that people cannot even afford to eat much, and certainly not healthy!!! The price of food has skyrocketed, and I really don't know what folks are going to do. I know my electric bill jumped way up this month. The largest one I have ever had in the seventeen years I have been here.

I wish everyone were able to boycott like you said, but so many people just can't. There has to be a solution. People can't keep going on like this.

Thanks so much for your comment!
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