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Yes, you can now download our Cajun Recipes Cookbook for free! No catch! Just our small way of thanking you for visiting!

You are really in for a treat! If you love Cajun cooking, then you have come to the right place!

The cookbook is in PDF format, and also a zipped file (compressed), and you will need a program to unzip it. (You probably have one installed on your computer already, if not, there are several availble to download free from the internet)

These are just some of the delicious Cajun recipes included in our cookbook:

CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE (Crawfish in a creamy sauce, poured over rice or pasta, a Cajun favorite)
CRAWFISH PIE (Crawfish, seasonings and sauce, baked into a pie.)
CRAB MEAT AU GRATIN (Crab meat in a creamy cheese sauce, one of my favorite Cajun dishes)
SHRIMP CREOLE (Shrimp in a tomato sauce base with seasonings and more,yummy!
CATFISH COURTBOUILLON (Catfish in a creamy tomato sauce base. One of our most popular catfish dishes)
RED BEANS and RICE (Red beans with ham hocks, sausage, or ham, a Cajun tradition)
CREOLE CABBAGE ROLLS (cabbage, ground beef, rice and more)
CREOLE GREEN BEANS (Snap beans,potatoes, bacon drippings and more}
COCONUT CANDIES YAMS (Sweet potatoes coconut, and more)
STUFFED MERLITON (Merlitons, ground beef, butter and more)
SEAFOOD GUMBO (Catfish, shrimp, oysters and more)
STEAK ROUILLE (Beef steak, onion, pepper and more}
CRAB CAKE (Crabmeat, mayo, mustard and more)
MAGNOLIA BLUEPOINT CRAB TARTS(Crabmeat, cream cheese, and more)
OYSTER CHOWDER SOUP(Oysters, margarine, potatoes and more)
PEPPERY STUFFED CRAB(Crabmeat, bacon, bread crumbs and more)
CRAB MEAT REMICK (Crabmeat, bacon, mayo and more)
BARBECUE SHRIMP(Shrimp, butter garlic, and more)
DUCK SAUSAGE(duck, pork, sausage skins and more)
GRILLED REDFISH(Fish, basil, lemon and more)
CRAB STUFFED EGGPLANT ROYAL(Crabmeat, eggplant and more)
CRAWFISH WITH SPICY LOBSTER SAUCE(Crawfish tails in a spicy sauce)
Shrimp and Tortellini Salad(Crawfish, Tortellini, green onions and more)
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo(Chicken, sausage, and more)
Blackened Fish (Fish, butter and seasonings)
Cajun Hot Buffalo Wings (Chicken wings, hot sauce, butter and more)
Down South Jambalaya (Chicken breasts,sausage,chicken broth and more)
Uncle Steven's Bar-B-Q Ribs(Baby back pork ribs, coke, pineapple juice and more)
Mardi Gras Scampi(Shrimp, mushrooms, green onions and more)
Shrimp Creole(Shrimp,tomato sauce, vegetables, seasonings and more)
Deep Fried Carrot Fritters(Carrots, pecans, sugar and more)
Louisiana Pralines (Pecans, brown sugar, vanila and more)
And Many More Great Recipes...

Thanks for stopping by! All you have to do is click on the link to download this free Cajun Recipes Cookbook!
Download Free Cajun Recipes Cookbook